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I usually work at home during the weekends, but when I was assigned to cover the local food market, I got to have a car. However, our old garage had not been operating functionally since my family moved back to Mexico. I checked on local shops near me and this came up. I was so glad I found this one because they offered me a great discount to install a new garage door in our house. I sent a photo to my mom and she loved it. I was so excited to park my new car by the end of the coming month. The guys also told me that the garage door was secure and could not be easily broken into by thieves. Thanks a lot, guys!

Robert Jeter

I always have problems with my garage door because it was so noisy and getting more irritating as weeks went by. Then I heard about this company from a friend when I asked around, and it had been a great relief since then. The crew came by and assessed the problem. They said I should change my panels from wood to metal because it would save me future repairs, and maintenance would be minimal. I eventually agreed when they laid out the plan. I was convinced from the start because there was a lot of fixing going on. After a week, my garage door operated perfectly without the distracting sound. Now, I feel safe around the neighborhood, and my garage looks brand-new.

Erica Cha

My brother always searches the internet for a DIY fix for our garage door every time it won’t work. Then it just got worse. Finally, I stumbled on this company through Google search. I called them up and they said we have to refrain from doing it ourselves because it will just make the problem worse. This was because the wall in which it was attached to showed signs of crumbling. We decided to have them fix it and true to their word, they taught us simple DIY fixes that we could do by ourselves. I was so glad we called them up. Now, my brother knows what not to touch and fix in case problems like this happens again, which is unlikely right now.

Dawn Thomas

Nearby houses within our community reported attempted robberies and break-ins on more than one occasion. That just got me concerned as I had three little kids who were still toddlers. I immediately decided to safeguard my own home. I decided to add security features on my garage door to ensure our safety. I called up this company and within the day, we were able to plan and finalize what should be done in order to install my requested security features. Now, I have electronically-locked garage doors with a password. They also upgraded the build of the door from low-grade metal panel to a strong premium one. I never regretted the cost because it was a fair price. I definitely recommend this company.

Thomas Davis

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