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Frequently Asked Questions

Would you entertain phone inquiries on garage door issues?

Yes, definitely.  Our office staff would be willing to answer your queries.  This way, we will know beforehand what to expect when we call on you.  We can bring the appropriate equipment and supplies to take care of your garage problem.

Are you open 24/7?

Our services are available 24/7. If it is an emergency, we can promptly respond to you.  Just give us a call and inform us of your situation.  In a matter of time, a team of qualified technicians will be deployed to your area.

Do you offer replacement doors or just maintenance services?

We offer installation as well as replacement of garage doors.  We also offer maintenance services of your old ones. We can even customize a door for you, if you want.  When it comes to garage doors, we are your reliable one-stop shop.

My garage door is very old, can you still fix it?

Yes, we can fix an old garage door. But if we see that it is more economical and safer in the long run to replace it, then we will recommend that you do so.  Your protection and safety is our major concern.

Can I just buy replacement parts in your store?

Yes, we have replacement parts available for sale.  But we would recommend that you let us install them for you.  While you may be competent in other DIY tasks, don’t take chances with your garage. Trust the experts to do it.

My door gets frequently stuck, would you recommend replacing it?

There are many probable reasons why a garage door gets stuck.  It may be a foreign object or a defective spring. But if this happens frequently, we recommend replacing the parts that cause the problem or replacing the entire door.

How can I be sure that you give quality products and services?

We have many loyal and regular clients that have proven the quality of our products and services. You can check them out in our testimonial pages. You can also ask around among your friends. In addition, all our contractual work are guaranteed to be reliable and foolproof.

How do I ensure that you are a legitimate company?

You can check our licenses, permits, and other certificates that are prominently posted in our website.  When our crew goes to your place, you may require them to present identification cards.  They will also come attired in company uniforms with the company logo.

How do I know if I’m getting the best value from your products and services?

You can compare our pricing with other companies.  We offer the most affordable, yet high- quality products and services.  Our technicians are the best and the most efficient in their field. There will be no bungled or messed-up work.

Do you offer free estimates?

You can consult us for free. We will give you the best advice when it comes to garage door issues. We are well-versed with this industry and we will give you the most cost-efficient advice without tying you up first with a contract.

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